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Read the following dialogue between two friends, Ben and Theo, discussing different subjects at school. Ben likes Maths and their new Maths teacher, Mr Smith, but Theo disagrees.


Ben: Hey Theo, how are you?
Theo: Not great! You?

Ben: I’m fine thanks. What’s wrong?
Theo: I have Maths and Science today. It’s a horrible day!
Ben: What’s wrong with Maths? I love it now that Mr Smith has started. He is such a great teacher.

Theo: Really? I disagree. I don’t understand him – he goes too fast and doesn’t explain things properly. If he had slowed down a bit then I might have understood more!
Ben: Oh, okay. I like him because the lesson is never boring if he is teaching. He is so interesting and funny!
Theo: You think so? I don’t think his jokes are funny at all! Can you give me an example of an interesting Maths lesson with Mr Smith?
Ben: Okay – last week, on Monday I think. He told us that funny story about his children and their Maths homework. They didn’t understand it, and he taught them a new method….remember?
Theo: No….what was the method?
Ben: It was a rhyme to help us remember the order to put the numbers into the sum. It really helped me with my homework.
Theo: Oh yes, I remember now. But that method didn’t help me – I still couldn’t do the sum. And Science is no better – I hate all the complicated calculations and methods.

Ben: I agree with you. Science is very boring and difficult. I could help you with your Maths though if you like?
Theo: Really? Thanks Ben, that would be great.
Ben: After school tomorrow?
Theo: Perfect. Thank you!



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